About ArTech Musings

ArTech Musings (AM) was founded on August 27th, 2012. The idea came to me as I asked a friend if she knew anyone who would want to buy LEVITY magazine, where I have worked at for a year. She encouraged me to start a blog and write about topics that interested me, since I have had plenty of experience as a writer in SL. Reporting and interviewing people in SL is one of the things I enjoy and have been doing for two years now. ArTech Musings is my conception to blend the arts in all its forms with technology as we see it in SL and in our world today. ArTech is fresh, edgy, forward-thinking, open to new ideas, but also reverent of old, viable customs and ideologies. My hope is that this venture can lead to a greater sense of community and being well-informed about the world as a whole. Since joining Second Life, I have noticed that people always log in again and again, because they love to chat with their friends, they love to shop, and they love to relax or just explore. And still others, like myself, like to create for themselves and for others. With this publication, I want to explore the aspects of virtual worlds that make it so appealing, fun, and addicting. All these unique experiences make life worth living and this is what AM is about....embracing and savoring life.

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