Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Rebel in Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

Hello, hello!

I am back for yet another post on FFL 2013. Looking for another outfit to model, I came across an outfit from [R] Allure. Below is a picture of Rebel Denim jeans with cutoffs. It also comes with the bikini top, very cool. My location is atop the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus by Kaya Angel.

Outfit: [R] Allure Rebel Denim jeans with blue bikini top FFL
Skin: [ROCKBERRY] Paige Tan Skin Fair
Hair: Vixen Treasure discontinued

Here's a closeup look of the skin taken inside the Mausoleum.

On to the next ensemble and to a different sim I travelled...

This daring silk set is *Songfeather* Sylph Silver. It has two collars. One is scripted and one is not. That is a nice option for those that role play.

Where am I standing? I am near the top of Bryn Oh's Lighthouse of Alexandria.

I am now at the very top. That is me standing by the bunny figure.

Your ride is here. So come visit now!

Have  fun and enjoy the art!

~ Victoria Lenoirre

!Lyrical B!zarre, Lazuri, and Mirror Enigma...

Hello everyone!

My first ensemble is a passionate red dress from !Lyrical B!zarre Templates!, Droplet. Skin is Medow from Mirror Enigma, a preview from Skin Fair. Tone is in light. The golden brown eyes and delicate shape are included. One of my friends even said that Medow is hotter than my usual skin. I'm not sure if I should feel flattered or offended lol. I love my usual skin. Anyhow, it's a great skin. Jewelry is Lazuri The Avenue Spring Pastels. The jewels are color changeable and resizeable. Just touch for the menu. The hair is from Dura. It is a cute updo with color change headband that brings the attention to the face.

At Ahn-Ji's shop for FFL 2013

Dress: !Lyrical B!zarre Templates! Droplet FFL
Skin: Mirror Enigma Medow Light Skin Fair
Jewelry: Lazuri The Avenue Spring Pastels FFL
Shoes: Carrie's Lingerie CB ~Destiny RFL shoe FFL
Hair: Dura

My next location is interesting. I don't know if you can tell, but I am high up. The path is a bit sloped. I'll give you a hint and then I'll tell you afterwards...giant. This lingerie set is from Blacklace, one of the new releases that I bought from marketplace, Kirsty set. I was wearing it under the Droplet gown. This time, the jewelry is from Designs by Sebastian, the Babylon 2 & Autumn Sun collection. My favorite piece is the necklace.

Skin: Mirror Enigma Medow Light Skin Fair
Lingerie: Blacklace Kirsty Red lace Set
Hair: Dura
Shoes: Carrie's Lingerie CB ~Destiny FFL
Jewelry: Designs by Sebastian Babylon 2 & Autumn Sun collection

All right, so the sim I am at is the Colossus of Rhodes by Rebeca Bashly. I am standing on his shoulder, right by his ear. I'm the tiny peach dot by his helmet tail. Lol. It is huge. The detail is so good. Rebeca Bashly did an amazing job on the Colossus!

The next set is Mirror Enigma Medow in Ebony. For this, I tried to create a more exotic look. I chose Vintuition Malika Modesty. It's a very intriguing look.

This mysterious woman poses outside nexuno Thespian's Temple of Artemis at Epheseus. His latest creation is absolutely stunning!

On the next photo, I removed the veil and am just wearing the hijab so you can see the face.

The eye makeup looks great and the lip color looks well-blended.

Skin: Mirror Enigma Medow in Ebony
Outfit: Vintuition Malika Modesty
Eyes: Mirror Enigma Cursed Elemental: Blue Eyes

Oh, the eyes in both photos are from Mirror Enigma. The eyes are beautiful.

And that's it for now!

Have fun and enjoy the art!

~Victoria Lenoirre

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More from FFL 2013, Cupcakes Skin, Skin Fair

Hi everyone! I have more photos to show of what is at FFL 2013 and I have yet another skin to show you. The skin is from Cupcakes; it is called Emmy. This is the caramel tone. The dress is -AZUL- Mio in a limited color. It's a blush pink with a light violet. The fabric drapes nicely around the body. 

AZUL Mio Limited Color FFL
pose: IsoMotion Model 6 FFL
Skin: Cupcakes Emmy in Caramel Skin Fair
Hair: Dura

Pose: IsoMotion Model 8 FFL

Pose: MUSE Karya 04 FFL

This next dress is also from -AZUL-. It is Marie in a limited color.

I love the golden brown satin feel to it. It flows well too. I'm wearing a Vista AO. Vista makes great stands for photography.

That's all for now! Enjoy FFL! Go here to start your explorations!

Have fun and enjoy the art!

~Victoria Lenoirre

FFL 2013, Tokyo Girl, Skin Fair 2013

Hello again!

I have some more designs for you. And......

Skin Fair is starting soon! I got some review copies! Skin Fair opens March 14th! It's so exciting!

I approached the designer and creator of Tokyo Girl, Circe Ishtari. It  was great to finally meet her. Her skins are so realistic and I love the detail in her skins.

The first skin I'm modelling is Tokyo Girl Amelia in tan.

Skin: Tokyo Girl tanned
Eyes: ES5 Pearl Black
Dress: Kunglers Tufi dress in Emerald for FFL
Jewelry: Virtual Impressions Trisha in gold and diamonds for FFL
Shoes: :::Schoen::: Studded heels for FFL limited edition

These two are taken at the Statue of Zeus at Olympia sim. The build was done by Karlinjames Zepp. I used different windlights to enhance the feel of them. It's a beautiful place.

This one was taken at The Hanging Gardens of Babylon sim built by Patch Thibaud. I did some heavier editing in GIMP. The view here is breathtaking.

This next skin is Miru also by Tokyo Girl and it's in natural. I took this one near the entrance of the Hanging Gardens.

Dress: Earth & Sky Designs Satin in the Night
Eyes: Tokyo Girl Spirit Grey
Necklace: ::Krystal:: Serene
Hair: Exile Eva

Those are the skins from Tokyo Girl at Skin Fair this year and a look at some of the outfits at FFL 2013. Hope you liked them!

Have fun and enjoy the art!

~Victoria Lenoirre

Monday, March 11, 2013

A third look at FFL 2013

Hello fashion bloggers and shopping lovers!

My first item for this post about FFL 2013 is a deep,  royal blue plunge neck dress. It is mesh. See my photo below.

Dress: Just Darling Tessa
Shoes: *GF* wedge pumps in beige
:Jewelry: ::Krystal::: Claire
Hair: EMO-TIONS Semiramis

::Just Darling:: Tessa mesh dress in blue

I love how it clings and drapes against the body. It is mesh. Again, I am wearing Gfields, except the Adele pumps are in beige.  The jewelry is by :::Krystal:::, it is the Claire earring and necklace set. Below is a better picture of Claire.

The set looks so delicate and I think the purple goes well with the blue dress.

Next up is a deep purple dress from Kouse Sanctum, or K~*~S. The gown is called Breeze. It is not mesh.
Pose: Possesion Spanish set 9. This dress is great for role play or for dancing with. The detail on the bodice is just stunning. The jewelry looks delicate and goes well with the dress.

Jewelry: Lazuri Princess of the Forest

For my next look I went casual. It is a mesh pant suit from AvaGirl.

Pant suit: AvaGirl Nena in black
Jewelry: Lazuri Princess of the Forest

A few people have complimented me on it. It fits well and it looks great.

The next outfit I chose is bright. I hope it doesn't look too overpowering. I put together bright pinks with red.

Mesh pant set: Bohoish
Pose: PoseSion Spanish 10
Shoes: Bliensen + MaiTai Corazon pumps magenta
Jewlery Eclectica Bibelot Fuschia & Gold
Hair: EMO-TIONS Claire gift hair in red

For this photo, I am in Madrid Solo's stall in Thoth Jantzen's Pyramid of Giza. Madrid Solo has outstanding makeup!

Outside Pyramid of Giza
This is a daring shot. I'm near one of the braziers, several meters above the entrance. Don't come up if you're afraid of falling! I intensified the color of the flame, in case you're wondering.

So that's my third look at FFL 2013. More to come!

Have fun and enjoy the art!

~ Victoria Lenoirre

Saturday, March 9, 2013

FFL 2013 brings to you the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World!

Hey all! I've been working on photos of all 9 FFL sims for days. It feels like longer than that. Haha. I got a lot of shots for each sim. I might upload more later. These are the best shots so far though.

Great Pyramid of Giza by Thoth Jantzen

Pyramid of Giza as built by Thoth Jantzen

Hanging Gardens of Babylon by Patch Thibaud

Statue of Zeus at Olympia by Karlinjames Zepp

Temple of Artemis at Epheseus by nexuno Thespian

Lighthouse at Alexandria by Bryn Oh

Mausoleum at Halicarnassus by Kaya Angel

Colossus of Rhodes by Rebeca Bashly

FFL Event Sim by Eshi Otarawa

FFL official sim

BOSL radio can be heard from all sims! Please visit and donate to this venerable cause!

Party LM is here:

Have fun and enjoy the art!

~Victoria Lenoirre

FFL 2013 Starts Today!

Hey everyone!

FFL 2013 begins today, March 9th! Proceeds from the FFL vendors go to the American Cancer Society! Come on over and show your support for cancer awareness and for everyone who helped get FFL together!

Linden Labs blogged about the event too. See it here: .

Come see the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and the FFL sim and the FFL event sim. Nine great sims and lots of cool designs....what more can you ask for?'s all for a great cause!

See you there!

~Victoria Lenoirre

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

FFL 2013 A second look

Greetings all!

This is my second entry about FFL 2013. There are so many wonderful designs here. You should definitely come on over. I am still working on pictures of the 9 sims. I have spent days taking snapshots. Look for an article about it in the newest issue of BOSL magazine. In it, I will be describing the builds and chatting with the talented, amazing sim builders. It looks incredible! I am so excited about it and I hope you'll enjoy reading about it!

So these are the looks I've created with some of the FFL designs. Below I am wearing:

Gown: Mohna Lisa Couture Tatiana V2 green
Jewelry: Vintage Antinea Gold
Hair: EMO-TIONS Estelle

Mohna Lisa Couture Tatiana

The gown has that trademark sparkle that *MLC* is known for. The gown is full mesh. The hair is part mesh. I love the jewelry set. The necklace has a bit of glow to it. It adds brilliance to it.

Blacklace Danae & Daphne set
Blacklace is what I'm wearing in this second photo. Blacklace is well known for quality lingerie and quality clothes. Under the caption, you'll notice the ampersand "&". I combined 2 lingerie sets together. Danae is an under bust corset only. So I added Daphne, which comes with a bra and garters with stockings. I love this set. It is gold embroidery on white silk. It's luxurious, sleek, and so sexy.

Hair: EMO-Tions Semiramis

Now for a more colorful, casual design comes a bright dress from dm Devious mind. It is "Miss Betty" Pin up dress *FLOWERPOWER*. It's a fun casual dress. The pink flower in my hair, Semiramis by EMO-TIONS, is included. Shoes are GFields (*GF*) Adele in coral. I am standing outside the temple that houses the Statue of Zeus, one of the FFL sims. Stay tuned for my later post that will have pictures of all the sims.

devious Mind "Miss Betty" Pin up dress *FLOWERPOWER*

A sweet mesh dress is ::Just Darling:: Beth. I love the ruffles on the top of the bodice. It gives it a flirty, feminine look. It is mesh so it conforms to ever curve. It is so tight and pretty.

Just Darling Beth

So that's another preview of the outfits you can buy at FFL 2013.

Have fun and enjoy life!

~Victoria Lenoirre/Lady Victoria

Monday, March 4, 2013

FFL 2013 some designer outfits I tried

Hey all!
This is my first official post about Fashion For Life 2013. This is a preview of some of the designs that are there. It will be open to the public starting March 9th and lasts until the 17th. 
Schoen Passion Wedding version with Emo-Tions Dunja hair and Kunglers Extra Maracuja necklace

There are so many brilliant and classy and modern designs. These are only a few. Above is Schoen's Passion Wedding dress, it does come in a regular version. The layering is elegant and it's flexi so it moves fluidly with your avatar's movement. The hair is by Emo-Tions, it's Dunja in Autumn. I love the headband that is attached to the hair. Emo-Tions has such lovely hair. The necklace is from Kunglers. It is made up of 1 golden sunflower and 2 small clusters are on each side. The central sunflower has a ruby embedded in it. 

Closeup, windlight is set to sunrise

Sassy has several designs. Below is featured Penny Lane in Sangria. It is mesh so make sure you have a mesh enabled viewer.
Sassy Penny Lane dress in Sangria

I love evening gowns. This one is from "Chamonix". It's their velvet and lace gown. It is mesh.  I am wearing it in small. 
"Chamonix" velvet and lace gown

I thought I'd include one of my favorite brands, Son!a. Her designs are dreamy, elegant, and always so sultry. This is Celine in black and it is the short skirt version. It comes in several colors.
Son!a Celine in black, short skirt version

For all the other photos, the hair is Exile Love Song. 

So that's it for now! 

Have fun and enjoy life!

~Victoria Lenoirre/Lady Victoria