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~DRESSCODE~ Fashion show, Silken Temptations

On July 20, ~DRESSCODE~, hosted a fashion show featuring the designs of WoW Skins and Blacklace. The show was called Silken Tempatations. The designs were surely tempting and delectable.

~DRESSCODE~ is run by Niani Resident and Joana Wingtips.

Joana Wingtips at the mic and COO Wolkenlocke Whitfield is beside her

There were not enough models, so CEO Niani, also modelled the skins and lingerie. Niani is also a fashion blogger for WOW skins, Bizarre Hair, and other fabulous brands! Below is the first look Niani strutted out with at this crowded, exciting fashion show.

Joana Wingtips announced each skin and lingerie set that each model presented to the audience.

[12:38] Joana Wingtips shouts: Our first  skin  that  is being  presented on the catwalk tonight is  "Channel" - and it  is a truly  exquisite work, coming  in the  four shades MILK, TAN, SUNKISSED and DARK TAN, each  one designed to underline your beauty and personality.
A bit  later you  will see Emma wearing the MILK shade,  the perfect  choice who love the paler tones with their "ladylikeness".

[12:39] Joana Wingtips shouts: But  all  three  convince with their naturalness and the six different make-ups from  natural  to more dramatic in  which  you  can get  them, depending on  your mood or the  occasion  you want to  wear  this  skin.
The full pack of  all shades includes  twelve skins and the shape as well  which  can  be  bought separately, too. And of course you  can  get the skin texture both  for  Slink  hands and feet.

Niani posed in the dark tan version and Cleopatra posed in the tan version.

Niani in WOW Channel  Dark Tan Skin and Blacklace "Kirsty" lingerie in Teal
The designs of Mariska Simmons were sultry and smoking hot, as usual. I loved the green lace set that Niani wore at the opening of the show, Kirsty in Teal. In Joana's words, "A "must" for all those of you who simply love the feeling of pure lace on skin, as  its made of the finest you could wish for." Niani makes it elegant with her necklace, finely manicured nails, and her shiny strappy stilettos.

[12:40] Joana Wingtips shouts: Each set , and it comes in six different vibrant colours,  has been combined with black bows, a small one on the bra and bigger,  eyecatching ones on the garter under which you  can catch  a glimpse of the black panties shimmering through the delicate fabric.
The black of bows and panties shows as well on the straps and the smooth silken stockings - a breathtaking combination and one every female should call her own.

Below, is Cleopatra Heron in a daring black latex lingerie set. Cleopatra is shown in the Musa skin in the Caramel tone by WoW Skins.

Cleopatra Heron in Musa Skin and wearing Blacklace's Lybra lingerie set
[12:47] Joana Wingtips shouts: You  love skins of a darker complexion? Then  "Musa" will  be the one for  you!
Three shades are available: VANILLA, CARAMEL and CHOCOLATE - all three beautifully  made and giving the one who  wears them a sexy and exotic look.

[12:47] Joana Wingtips shouts: The shimmery skin is  enhanced  by the different make-ups you  can  get individually or in  a fat pack. Each of them   will allow  you to match  not only your clothes but as well the mood  you are in.

[12:47] Joana Wingtips shouts: Cleo is the first  to show  this fabulous  skin,  she is  wearing  the CARAMEL version  and it looks superb for sure.

[12:48] Joana Wingtips shouts: Studs - leather and clasps .... brilliantly combined in lingerie called Lybra.

[12:48] Joana Wingtips shouts: Sexy and soft clings the fabric of corselet, garters and thongs onto  Cleo's body, while the smooth  silk of the matching  stockings flatters long legs.

[12:48] Joana Wingtips shouts: This outfit especially captivates because of the many details. Studs are placed along  the rims of each piece of underwear, silver clasps have been  used to hold the garters and to  close the top underneath  your bus and the way the  panties have been designed will make you have a second look.

[12:48] Joana Wingtips shouts: The  three warm dark colours in which  you  can purchase this outfit will make it  difficult to  choose from  as each will look  great on  each  complexion.

~DRESSCODE~ is a new fashion agency that started up in June. Joana Wingtips is the builder. She built all the catwalks herself. Together, she and Niani run the agency as co-CEOs. Niani does business relations and all  the styling. Niani used to be a model herself. Her style is elegant, stunning, and so sexy.

In August, there will be classes for interested models who would like to learn the ~DRESSCODE~ way. Further information is forthcoming, so stay tuned! And who knows, maybe you might see me at one of the classes?!

I've known Niani for about a year and I love her personality, her style, her work ethic, plus her photography is just gorgeous! She's on flickr as xxnianix. :-)

Visit the HQ here.

Have fun and enjoy SL!

Victoria Lenoirre

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