Monday, March 4, 2013

FFL 2013 some designer outfits I tried

Hey all!
This is my first official post about Fashion For Life 2013. This is a preview of some of the designs that are there. It will be open to the public starting March 9th and lasts until the 17th. 
Schoen Passion Wedding version with Emo-Tions Dunja hair and Kunglers Extra Maracuja necklace

There are so many brilliant and classy and modern designs. These are only a few. Above is Schoen's Passion Wedding dress, it does come in a regular version. The layering is elegant and it's flexi so it moves fluidly with your avatar's movement. The hair is by Emo-Tions, it's Dunja in Autumn. I love the headband that is attached to the hair. Emo-Tions has such lovely hair. The necklace is from Kunglers. It is made up of 1 golden sunflower and 2 small clusters are on each side. The central sunflower has a ruby embedded in it. 

Closeup, windlight is set to sunrise

Sassy has several designs. Below is featured Penny Lane in Sangria. It is mesh so make sure you have a mesh enabled viewer.
Sassy Penny Lane dress in Sangria

I love evening gowns. This one is from "Chamonix". It's their velvet and lace gown. It is mesh.  I am wearing it in small. 
"Chamonix" velvet and lace gown

I thought I'd include one of my favorite brands, Son!a. Her designs are dreamy, elegant, and always so sultry. This is Celine in black and it is the short skirt version. It comes in several colors.
Son!a Celine in black, short skirt version

For all the other photos, the hair is Exile Love Song. 

So that's it for now! 

Have fun and enjoy life!

~Victoria Lenoirre/Lady Victoria

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