Wednesday, March 6, 2013

FFL 2013 A second look

Greetings all!

This is my second entry about FFL 2013. There are so many wonderful designs here. You should definitely come on over. I am still working on pictures of the 9 sims. I have spent days taking snapshots. Look for an article about it in the newest issue of BOSL magazine. In it, I will be describing the builds and chatting with the talented, amazing sim builders. It looks incredible! I am so excited about it and I hope you'll enjoy reading about it!

So these are the looks I've created with some of the FFL designs. Below I am wearing:

Gown: Mohna Lisa Couture Tatiana V2 green
Jewelry: Vintage Antinea Gold
Hair: EMO-TIONS Estelle

Mohna Lisa Couture Tatiana

The gown has that trademark sparkle that *MLC* is known for. The gown is full mesh. The hair is part mesh. I love the jewelry set. The necklace has a bit of glow to it. It adds brilliance to it.

Blacklace Danae & Daphne set
Blacklace is what I'm wearing in this second photo. Blacklace is well known for quality lingerie and quality clothes. Under the caption, you'll notice the ampersand "&". I combined 2 lingerie sets together. Danae is an under bust corset only. So I added Daphne, which comes with a bra and garters with stockings. I love this set. It is gold embroidery on white silk. It's luxurious, sleek, and so sexy.

Hair: EMO-Tions Semiramis

Now for a more colorful, casual design comes a bright dress from dm Devious mind. It is "Miss Betty" Pin up dress *FLOWERPOWER*. It's a fun casual dress. The pink flower in my hair, Semiramis by EMO-TIONS, is included. Shoes are GFields (*GF*) Adele in coral. I am standing outside the temple that houses the Statue of Zeus, one of the FFL sims. Stay tuned for my later post that will have pictures of all the sims.

devious Mind "Miss Betty" Pin up dress *FLOWERPOWER*

A sweet mesh dress is ::Just Darling:: Beth. I love the ruffles on the top of the bodice. It gives it a flirty, feminine look. It is mesh so it conforms to ever curve. It is so tight and pretty.

Just Darling Beth

So that's another preview of the outfits you can buy at FFL 2013.

Have fun and enjoy life!

~Victoria Lenoirre/Lady Victoria

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