Wednesday, March 13, 2013

!Lyrical B!zarre, Lazuri, and Mirror Enigma...

Hello everyone!

My first ensemble is a passionate red dress from !Lyrical B!zarre Templates!, Droplet. Skin is Medow from Mirror Enigma, a preview from Skin Fair. Tone is in light. The golden brown eyes and delicate shape are included. One of my friends even said that Medow is hotter than my usual skin. I'm not sure if I should feel flattered or offended lol. I love my usual skin. Anyhow, it's a great skin. Jewelry is Lazuri The Avenue Spring Pastels. The jewels are color changeable and resizeable. Just touch for the menu. The hair is from Dura. It is a cute updo with color change headband that brings the attention to the face.

At Ahn-Ji's shop for FFL 2013

Dress: !Lyrical B!zarre Templates! Droplet FFL
Skin: Mirror Enigma Medow Light Skin Fair
Jewelry: Lazuri The Avenue Spring Pastels FFL
Shoes: Carrie's Lingerie CB ~Destiny RFL shoe FFL
Hair: Dura

My next location is interesting. I don't know if you can tell, but I am high up. The path is a bit sloped. I'll give you a hint and then I'll tell you afterwards...giant. This lingerie set is from Blacklace, one of the new releases that I bought from marketplace, Kirsty set. I was wearing it under the Droplet gown. This time, the jewelry is from Designs by Sebastian, the Babylon 2 & Autumn Sun collection. My favorite piece is the necklace.

Skin: Mirror Enigma Medow Light Skin Fair
Lingerie: Blacklace Kirsty Red lace Set
Hair: Dura
Shoes: Carrie's Lingerie CB ~Destiny FFL
Jewelry: Designs by Sebastian Babylon 2 & Autumn Sun collection

All right, so the sim I am at is the Colossus of Rhodes by Rebeca Bashly. I am standing on his shoulder, right by his ear. I'm the tiny peach dot by his helmet tail. Lol. It is huge. The detail is so good. Rebeca Bashly did an amazing job on the Colossus!

The next set is Mirror Enigma Medow in Ebony. For this, I tried to create a more exotic look. I chose Vintuition Malika Modesty. It's a very intriguing look.

This mysterious woman poses outside nexuno Thespian's Temple of Artemis at Epheseus. His latest creation is absolutely stunning!

On the next photo, I removed the veil and am just wearing the hijab so you can see the face.

The eye makeup looks great and the lip color looks well-blended.

Skin: Mirror Enigma Medow in Ebony
Outfit: Vintuition Malika Modesty
Eyes: Mirror Enigma Cursed Elemental: Blue Eyes

Oh, the eyes in both photos are from Mirror Enigma. The eyes are beautiful.

And that's it for now!

Have fun and enjoy the art!

~Victoria Lenoirre

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